Protect Your Home From Wildfires With Clean Gutters and Metal Gutter Guards

Nov 9 2015

As a result of a particularly dry summer, wildfires continue to spread throughout British Columbia. It’s important to remember to stay safe and to take as much preventative action to protect not only your family from wildfires but your home as well. Your home is probably the most expensive single item you will ever purchase in your life. So it’s important to keep it safe and healthy (yes, homes need to be healthy just like people) for years to come. (more…)


The Different Types of Gutter Guard Systems In The Market

Nov 2 2015

Gutter guards are available to home owners as they cover and protect gutters from being damaged and from having clogs or cracks. This ultimately translates into needing less gutter cleaning, which is always a good thing for those who don’t like to get in there. However, there are different types of guards available and it can be hard to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. (more…)


Considerations For New Roofs

Oct 26 2015

If your home is due for a new roof, you’ve looked in the right place. There are many considerations when thinking about installing a new roof. Most people don’t know these elements affect your roof however the experts you hire to install your new roof will be experts and knowledgeable in these areas. Make sure you ask them the right questions to ensure they can provide you with the best product possible so your roof will last for years to come. (more…)


The 6 Different Gutter Materials Used

Oct 19 2015

To most people, we understand that gutters don’t seem that interesting or complex. However to us at Citywide, we live and breathe gutters which means we understand all the intricacies different gutters offers a home.

For instance, there are six types of gutter materials that are the most popular on the market, and with each of these materials comes its own unique benefits and drawbacks. So understanding all of these aspects is important when considering purchasing and installing new gutters, as well as choosing a professional gutter company that understands everything about your home’s gutter system. This is what separates the men (and women) from the boys (and girls) in the gutter world. (more…)


Removing Gutter Stripes From Your Gutters

Oct 12 2015

If you’ve ever looked up at old, dated gutters, you’ve seen that they can turn unsightly after some time if they haven’t been well maintained and cleaned. Cleaning gutters also involves washing the exteriors, either with a hose or power washer. If not, then after some time, gutters will develop something called “tiger stripes” and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Tiger striping is when you have dark(er) coloured streaks running vertically down the exterior of your gutters. It’s important to note that this isn’t just a case of a dirty gutter and a quick wipe will fix it, tiger striping is the result of extended exposure to dirt, debris, acid rain, exposure to the elements, fading paint, rust and so on. Tiger stripes are relatively permanent once they’ve set in. And it’s not very attractive and will certainly decrease the value of your home if potential buyers spot them. (more…)


Tips for cleaning and preventing household rust

Oct 5 2015

Rust happens slowly. Without you noticing it builds up on pots, pans, furniture and metal fixtures. Removing rust is a tricky task that everyone eventually has to do. Tricks for getting rid of rust without introducing unpleasant chemicals into the mix can make this cleaning a lot more palatable.

Another good strategy is to take measures to prevent rust from springing up in the first place. Rust happens as metal oxidise. Iron comes into contact with water and rust forms. (more…)


What To Do About Warped and Saggy Gutters

Sep 28 2015

Living in the Greater Vancouver Area it’s important we have long-lasting gutters to help us through the many, many rainy months we see year-after-year. Gutters can also be a huge eye sore if they aren’t properly maintained and taken care of. So while regularly cleaning your gutters is important, it’s also equally important to keep an eye on them to see if they need to be replaced.

Because by nature gutters are exposed to the elements they will not last forever and can become damaged, cracked and even warped and saggy. None of these factors are good when it comes to having gutters. They need to be 100% functional in order to keep water away from your home’s structure.

Gutters are most often made of either steel or aluminum. Sometimes plastic and sometimes copper, however not very often. Both steel and aluminum are strong and solid materials, but they have their weaknesses as well. The former has a low rate of expansion and contraction, whereas the latter has a high rate. This means, depending on how hot or cold it is, the materials will get bigger or get smaller.

This is all taken into account when you purchase gutters or have them professionally installed. However, over the course of years (we’re talking about decades), the material will start to lose its integrity and cause warping and sagging. (more…)


How to prepare your home for an earthquake

Sep 21 2015

All homes and buildings in the Lower Mainland should be prepared for an eventual earthquake. Science tells us that it will hit sometime in the next 600 years or so but we don’t have a better idea than that of when exactly it will happen. Despite efforts at prediction it is difficult to find warning signs of an earthquake. The only thing you can do is plan ahead.

As a homeowner there are many steps you can take to make your home as ready as possible for an earthquake. Simple choices and preparations now will reduce damage to your property and the likelihood of injury. If you own your own home it is worth investing the money to make these changes. If you are a renter talk to your landlord about earthquake safety and improvements you want them to make. Earthquake preparedness should be a factor in deciding where to rent. (more…)


The best trees to plant in Vancouver

Sep 14 2015

Trees are a huge investment and a big part of any landscaping you do. You want them to be beautiful now and for years to come. In order to get the most out of the trees you plant you must carefully select a variety that will thrive in the particular yard and climate you live in.

While just about anything grows well in Vancouver some trees will grow better than others. Native species are well adapted to the climate and conditions in the Lower Mainland. Some imported species also do quite well in Vancouver. If you want an expert opinion it never hurts to consult with an arborist prior to planting trees in your yard.

Many different varieties can be found in Vancouver but not all are equal in disease resistance and maintenance required. Here are the best trees to plant in Vancouver. (more…)


The benefits of rain barrels

Sep 7 2015

As Vancouver is hit by a drought and water restrictions are put in place many homeowners are looking at their yellowing grass and wondering what to do. When it comes to watering the best option outside of much needed rainfall is to keep some rainwater on hand for later.

Rain barrels allow you to capture and store rainwater during a storm and then use it later on. They are becoming increasingly common and popular. The barrels are affordable and easy to install. They come in a range of sizes and styles. Once in place they act as a quality water source for your yard. However, it’s not potable so you shouldn’t drink the stored water or use it on plants you plan to eat. There are numerous benefits to installing a rain barrel. (more…)