Exterior Building Maintenance

Exterior Building Maintenance in Vancouver

Whether you own a home, business, strata unit, or co-op, Citywide Gutters and Exteriors can help you keep your home in top shape and reduce the need for repairs with an ongoing maintenance program. Our services include power washing, window washing, steam cleaning, gutter cleaning, sealing, caulking and powerful moss removal.

The Dangers of Moss and Moisture

Power washing and steam cleaning can help to remove the debris that erode your exterior over time. If you look around your neighborhood, you might see homes or businesses that have black or green marks on the exterior. This is caused by moisture, and it can lead to permanent staining over time, which would require more frequent re-painting. By getting your home regularly cleaned, you can prevent permanent damage and keep your home looking great.

Our Vancouver Power Washers Can Help

Power washing and steam cleaning can also help to remove the green algae that grows in our climate. Not only can the algae cause permanent staining as well, but it can also contribute to the breakdown of the exterior, allowing moisture to penetrate the home and cause rotting or mold growth. Removing the algae each season will protect your home.

Moisture can be a destructive force for your home or business. Keeping your gutters clean can ensure that they continue to direct water away from your property and the foundation, keeping it protected. We not only clear your gutters of debris but also clean out any accumulation of sludge or mold that can gum up the works. We’ll also ensure that your gutters are all watertight so that they are working properly.

These regular cleaning services won’t just make your house or business look good; they will also protect it from potentially expensive damages, such as extensive mold growth, cracks in the foundation, deterioration of the roof, and rotting in the walls or other structural elements. After washing, sealing surfaces and caulking cracks can provide an additional layer of protection against these potential damages.

Our Vancouver Power Washers are Ready to Help

The professional team at Citywide Gutters and Exteriors treats each property as a unique case, and our technicians will recommend the best services to get the results you need. They will show up prepared to do the work with the specific materials needed for your job. While they are on your property, they will provide the highest level of customer service and workmanship. They are also trained extensively in safety procedures and are covered by a $5 million liability insurance policy.

Contact Citywide Gutters and Exteriors today to learn how we can help you restore and protect your home or business to keep it looking great for many more years to come. We’ll also help you to save money on potential repairs and reduce the maintenance you have to perform.

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