Vancouver Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

You may have noticed some green algae stains creeping up your driveway, walkways, the siding of your home, over those white gutters, and collecting in mossy clumps on your roof. The crew at Citywide Gutters Home Services are highly trained individuals in Vancouver Power Washing and Steam Cleaning. We use industry grade power washers to ensure that projects are completely quickly and smoothly. We maintain a large customer base within Metro Vancouver including single-family residences, stratas and large scale businesses.

Our trained technicians are experts in removing green algae and discolouration that is caused by Vancouver’s moist environment. A few hours of power washing and steam cleaning your driveway, gutters and other areas of your home can make your Vancouver home look as good as new!

Our technicians can power wash almost any surface that has been affected by the outdoor elements. These include power washing pavement, walkways, tennis courts, pool decks and even outside furniture. If Vancouver’s rain has created moss and algae, we can take care of it and remove any nasty stains.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an excellent tool to use for sensitive areas as well as surfaces such as wood deck and limestone. Our Vancouver technicians are experts at steam cleaning, and steam cleaning also uses ⅓ of the PSI of a regular power washer. Steam cleaning is the only method to get rid of any oil based stain including tire marks, oil marks, gum, and any other oil based product.

Efflorescence Removal

Streaks and white powder that appears to form on your outdoor tiles and retaining walls is caused by Efflorescence. In Vancouver this is very common because of the climate and our proximity to the ocean and is  caused by a chemical reaction with the mortar used when installed. These deposits are salt-like and left unchecked  can harm exterior structures. Our equipment can be rid of efflorescence quickly and revamp your tiled home.

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