Window Cleaning & Glass Restoration in Metro Vancouver

Keeping your exterior windows clean in Vancouver can be a long and arduous journey. Let our trained staff take care of your window cleaning so that you can spend your Saturday enjoying yourself. Not only will out company do your window washing, we also will take care of skylights, solariums, balcony glass, awnings and more (up to and including interior glass such as shower doors). Our company is able to accomplish even the most challenging of window cleaning jobs in Metro Vancouver Including North and West Vancouver window cleaning jobs.

Our window cleaning services are accomplished by our Vancouver window cleaning team who are experienced in providing our customers with precise and tidy work that offers little to no interruption to the home owner. Our company provides everything that we need for window cleaning including A-Frame ladders to get to hard to reach spaces. We provide a clear finish to your windows by using the best cleaning solution and squeegee them by hand to give you that “crystal clear” look. WE take pride in our window cleaning products being biodegradable and safe to use. Upon request we can also accomplish window frames and screen doors, ensuring that all elements are taken care of.

Window Cleaning By Hand Polish Method

We strongly believe in traditional hand polishing for the best results. If we are able to reach the window we will clean it by hand inside and out ensuring that you get a “crystal clean” look. Your Vancouver home will sparkle!

Window Cleaning using the Water Fed Tucker Pole Method

The Tucker Pole method is what we use to clean exterior windows only, and in hard to reach places such as skylights, high windows, as well as commercial buildings. The largest benefit for the Tucker Pole window cleaning method is that it allows our technicians to also clean window frames and accomplish the task in a quicker manner so that your price point can generally be lower. The only downside is that window cleaning marks can be left and you dont’ get the the “crystal clear” effect from the squeegee method.

Window & Glass Restoration and Cleaning

Have you found while cleaning your windows that hard water marks form on your exterior and shower doors?

Do you find Acrylic forming on your glass that can’t be cleaned up?

Our Vancouver window cleaning experts have years of experience in the business and can ensure that your glass is brought back to life and made crystal clear once again!

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