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Regular painting is an important part of maintaining the exterior of your home, not just to keep it looking great, but also to protect it from water damage and rot. Yet painting and repainting your home year after year can be a tedious task. Our Vancouver painting professionals can help you upgrade and protect your exterior with high-quality and eco-friendly paints.

Vancouver Painting Services—The Best Quality

Our Vancouver house painters are happy to cover jobs large and small range from large jobs like whole-house exterior painting to smaller jobs like touching up neglected or damaged areas or re-painting the trim. We prep, prime, clean, sand and paint. We can also clean your exterior where needed, such as by removing the buildup of green algae or dusting off the pollen from the spring. We’ll even clear off your roof while we’re working, or dust out the cobwebs under the eaves. We can make your exterior look as good as new by the time we’re done.

The Best Materials

In addition to performing only the highest quality workmanship, our residential and commercial painting pros also use the best products on the market. For general exterior painting, we prefer General Paint Breezes Exterior Latex paint products since they are able to withstand extremes in temperature and other harsh natural element. The products are perfect for British Columbia, which has blistering heat during the summer and heavy rains throughout the year. They are also easy to clean. For interior jobs, we prefer Benjamin Moore paints.  Our products aren’t just high quality; they are also environmentally friendly.

We excel at finding the right products for specialty jobs. For example, we were able to leverage our extensive network of vendors to source a Mediterranean paint that can withstand high heats for use in metal chimney stacks. We can use our experience and contacts to get the same results for your specialty project. Don’t settle for just any Vancouver painting contractors: call the best.

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Citywide Gutters and Exteriors has earned a reputation as one of the best painting companies in the Greater Vancouver area for a reason. We have been providing exceptional results for both residential and commercial customers for decades thanks to our commitment to using the best products and our “do it right the first time” policy.  You can learn more about our reputation by visiting the community section of our site under the “About Us” page. There you’ll find information about our company, as well as be able to read feedback from our many satisfied customers.

Contact us today and learn why Vancouver’s top interior designers and builders turn to us for professional results. We are committed to providing only the highest level of service while also getting the best results with quality yet environmentally friendly products. Call us and get a whole new look for your home today.

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