Waterproofing Sealers and Caulking

Waterproofing Sealers and Caulking in Vancouver

Not only do many people choose stone and brick work for their homes because the materials look beautiful, but many also consider them to be maintenance-free. After all, you don’t have to re-paint stones and bricks, and you don’t have to protect them against rotting. However, even though stone, brick and concrete are low-maintenance, they do require some attention to keep them looking their best and to maintain their ability to protect your home.

Citywide Gutters and Exteriors provides the service you need to keep your stone, bricks and concrete in top shape.

The Dangers to Your Outdoor Spaces

Over time, the onslaught of rain, snow, salt and ice, in addition to fluctuations in temperature, can cause stone, brick and concrete to erode. On walkways and driveways, automobile fluids like gas and oil can further deteriorate the surface.

Sealing is especially important for driveways and walkways since they are exposed to more debris and activity. For example, walkways, patios and pool decks can turn black over time if they are exposed to acid rain, oil drips, and tires. Algae growth can also form after periods of prolonged moisture, such as during the winter.

Our Caulking and Sealing Pros Can Help

We can help to slow the effects of such weathering by sealing all your stone surfaces, whether on the exterior of your home, your retaining walls or your walkways. Not only will sealing help to prolong the life of these surfaces, but it will also make it easier to clean them since the seal makes it harder for dirt and other elements to bond to the surface.

All of our products are safe for your home and the environment. Our sealers are of the highest quality and are eco-friendly. Our sealers are water-based, and they include acrylic solids that dry clear and help protect against common damages, such as staining, efflorescence, cracking, and abrasion from salting and thawing.

We offer a variety of products to help you get the look and protection you need. For example, a flat sealer can be applied to a driveway with a steep incline so as not to interfere with traction. A semi-gloss or glaze sealer is the better choice for walkways, decks and retaining walls. The sealer provides a nice sheen, while sealing and protecting the stone.

Our products can cover every stone or concrete surface in your home, including specialty products like concrete that has been stamped, stenciled or colored. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your home.

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