Built in Membrane Gutter Repairs

Does your home have built-in or hidden EPDM MEMBRANE gutters? Not many companies have the experience or skills to repair these gutters, but we do!
Although we may agree “built in” gutters look nicer as a finish on a home; these systems are usually built by the framers when the house is originally built. The framers do not provide slope when they build them. And certainly the roofers do not add proper slope to any drains provided when the installation of the membrane and roofing system is completed.

The most common problem with these systems is that they overflow at a low point where there is no downpipe! If you see water coming through your soffits, or staining in your soffits, your gutter system is leaking- potentially causing much more damage than you can see. Water may not be coming through the soffits, but just rising enough to go underneath the cap flashing and down inside your home. We offer three main solutions. The easiest solution is replacing your copper roof drain which is probably a 1.5 inch or 2 inch with a larger 3 inch drain. The second easiest and cheapest solution is to install another drain into your gutter system at a low point where there is no current downpipe and install another downpipe. We can do minor repairs like re-seal a leak or repair a tear in the membrane system, and replace dis-connected downspouts. In extreme cases, where fascia board has begun to rot from years of water leaking out of your system, we can replace rotten fascia boards, and even built or extend current gutters that are too small with larger fascia board so your gutter will be deeper and hold more water – thus draining properly. If your EPDM membrane gutter system is still not working, we have other secrets up our sleeves to get this working properly! We can’t give away ALL our secrets!

Let us get your problem gutters work at their best.