Gutter Cleaning

The best way to protect your home from the elements is regular maintenance! Our technicians remove debris from inside the ensure your gutters and downspouts are completely unclogged and working properly. We can also wash the outside of the gutters with our special organic cleaners, and even if necessary, cut-polish your white gutters to bring back the original shine! We always use standoffs when cleaning your gutters so we don’t dent or scratch them while cleaning. More info

We can clear your roof of any loose debris with our air blowers before we clean your gutters. Check out our roof cleaning services here. Eavestroughs on your home can often be difficult to reach by ladder, so we also utilize WORKSAFE BC fall-protection safety procedures when accessing your roof to clean the gutters. For your protection, all our building maintenance technicians are WORKSAFE BC certified for fall protection, ladder safety, and electrical safety to stay away from those overhead wires. While we’re up on the roof, we will inspect and notify you of any potential repairs to your gutter system that. In BC’s rain forest climate, it is important to keep your gutter or eavestrough system in good working order, so you can avoid ground erosion, water ingress, and unwanted discoloration and staining on your exterior walls. We offer annual packages to suit your homes needs to give you peace of mind that your home is properly cared for. For more information about other exterior maintenance programs, check-out our building maintenance section.