Ranger Series Gutter Hanger (NS185) & Gutter Screening System

Our Ranger Series Gutter Fastening System is exactly that – a premium gutter hanger system along that replaces the traditional gutter stamped or extruded hanger system. Our NS-185 profile fits all 5 inch gutter systems – but only when new gutters are being installed. Each 7 foot section snaps into the front lip of the gutter, and over the back. It has perforated holes in it to allow for water to drain into it while keeping leaves and large foreign objects out of your gutters like peanuts, tennis or hockey balls, and even prevents birds from using your gutter as their personal bath!

>> View our NS185 Ranger Series Heavy Hanger Brochure here <<

In our opinion, there is no screening on the market today that stops smaller needles and other foreign objects from getting past the screening 100%. Our NS185 Ranger series keeps approximately 85 % of debris from getting inside your gutter system. This is why we will always install our NS185 Ranger hanger system with easy flow outlets or funnels at every downpipe location, and clean out filter boxes about 3 -4 feet off the ground at every downpipe going into a drainage system If your city allows for water to drain onto the landscape like the City of Surrey does, no cleanout filter boxes are required.

Another benefit and main benefit of this heavy hanger gutter fastening system is that the outside “look” or profile will stand up to abuse from service men putting ladders against the outsides of your gutters and not using standoffs when getting up on your roof. Every November and December when you get up on a ladder to install your Christmas lights over your garage – your gutters will not crease or bend in if you lean on your ladder to much. Don’t believe us? Take a look around your neighborhood and see how many houses have garages or carports with dents in the front face of them.

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