Gutter Repair for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Gutter repair is easily handled by our professionals. You can schedule help right now at: 604-868-1371.

Your gutters play a key role in protecting your home from the elements, but they need to be working correctly to do that. No matter what’s going wrong with your gutters, we can help. Call Citywide when you need help with any of these common gutter problems. Ask us about…

  •         Leaking gutters
  •         Worn Seals
  •         Damaged sections of gutters
  •         Damaged downspouts

Our affordable team works quickly to solve your problems, and when it comes to gutters, we can solve just about all of them. We also offer other important gutter and roof services such as gutter installation, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and more. Take a look at some of the awesome work we’ve done in the local community:

Gutter FAQs

Do my gutters need to be repaired? How Can I Tell?

If you need gutter repair, it’s usually not hard to tell. Any water that appears where it shouldn’t is proof that your gutters are not working as intended. Fortunately, most gutter problems can be dealt with quickly by our team. As long as problems are identified and fixed early, there’s not even much danger to your home.

Any active leak is a sign that your gutter needs repair, but you should also keep an eye on:

  •         Sections of your gutter that are sagging
  •         Water damage to your soffits or fascia
  •         How well your downspouts are draining

Do I need to repair gutters immediately?

Many gutter problems can be fixed quickly by our professionals, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to wait on repairs. Water damage is one of the most reliably-destructive forces on earth. When your gutters can’t move that water away from your home, it tends to gather in the most expensive places, such as around your foundation.

Fix gutter problems quickly to prevent damage to your home. Our pros may be able to start helping you right now. Call and tell us about your problem at: 1-604-868-1371

Is DIY Gutter Repair Possible?

You can repair your own gutters as long as you have the right tools and equipment. Most replacement parts and accessories for gutters can be purchased from the manufacturer of your gutter. That includes new seals and whole new sections to replace any that have been damaged.

Gutter repair isn’t too complicated, depending on the problem. However, roof work can be dangerous, and anyone attempting it should understand safety procedures. That’s why all of our gutter professionals are fully insured and trained for the risks of working from heights.

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